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Those of you who are regular listeners to our program know that the vast majority of messages come from what are called “sermon series” from books of the Bible.  Long ago, I have found that the power of preaching is in the Word of God, not necessarily in the speaker!  God takes His word as it is shared and does with it what He chooses, in the hearts of people like you and me.

From time to time on “CrossHope”, we will share a stand-alone message that is not a part of a regular series.  We call those special occasion messages such as one we shared on Father’s Day or Christmas.  These messages are still Biblically based, just different in that they are not part of a series.  Maybe they will speak to your heart about something in your life!


Aired – 12/26/2016

The Greatest Intervention

Galatians 3:26-4:7

This Week – All this week on CrossHope, we air a “stand alone” message from the book of Galatians that is timely for the Christmas season and New Year’s.  It’s about the God of creation intervening in history by sending His Son to be born of a woman named Mary.  Paul describes how “in the fullness of time”, God sent his Son to redeem the world from sin and death!

The Greatest Intervention, Podcast

Monday (12/26) – We begin with the true story of an alcoholic intervention in a place called Madison, New Jersey.  There is nothing “pretty “about such an act.  It is always dramatic; it is often traumatic.  It is something done by one or many people in the life of a person.  The greatest intervention of all is when Jesus Christ came to earth to deliver you and me!

The Greatest Intervention, Part 1

Tuesday (12/27) – Rita Snowden from New Zealand is an author I have quoted several times over the years.  I first retell a story of hers that has produced more response from listeners that just about any story I have told on CrossHope.  We then share a humorous story that applies to the text we study this week, about a boy proud of whose son he was.

The Greatest Intervention, Part 2

Wednesday (12/28) – The Apostle Paul says that we are “all sons and daughters of the living God” through faith in Christ.  He said that before coming to Christ, we were “slaves to the basic principles” of the world.  What are they? They are humanism, materialism, and hedonism.  Which one has a hold on you or me?  We talk about those three.

The Greatest Intervention, Part 3

Thursday (12/2) – Using a story about a car that was owned by Adolf Hitler, we tell a modern day parable about life in the United States today in 2016.  It was a $2,000,000 Mercedes-Benz automobile built just for him.  Despite all the “extras” that a car like that would have, it had a separate key on the dashboard that when turned would blow up the car! So many people do things in life and become things that they can self-destruct their lives one day at a time!  Look around you!

The Greatest Intervention, Part 4

Friday (12/30) – Paul says that as believers, we are “clothed with Christ”.  Tell me what you talk about all the time, and I will tell you what it is that “clothes” you!  If a person always talks about politics, it’s safe to say that they are clothed with politics.  If a person talks about things or money, that’s what they’re clothed in.  I think you get the point.  What is it or whom is it that clothes you and me?

The Greatest Intervention, Part 5


Aired – 12/19/2016

Favorite Christmas Stories (2016)

This Week – All this week on CrossHope, we air five favorite Christmas stories that come from various messages on our program over the last 6 years.  Each story stands on its own to convey truth and power for the season.  We hope you will not only enjoy them, but share them with others.

Favorite Christmas Stories (2016), Podcast

Monday (12/19) – Jean Gietzen lived in North Dakota during World War Two.  Her story of Christmas of 1943 may just move you to tears in a quiet and yet powerful way.  It really will!  Listen to her recalling a memory of blessing a family in deep need at Christmas.

Favorite Christmas Stories (2016), Part 1

Tuesday (12/20) – This is my absolute favorite Christmas story!  It’s told by Lillian Smith of Georgia.  You won’t believe what her father did one Christmas, when he invited a group of state prisoners in what used to be called a “chain gang” over for Christmas dinner!  And you are worried about having your relatives over!  It truly is a scene out of a movie, yet it really happened one Christmas in her life!

Favorite Christmas Stories (2016), Part 2

Wednesday (12/21) – This may just be the most important message of the week.  Why?  It’s about forgiveness.  Christmas is about forgiveness for one simple reason:  Christ is about forgiveness!   This is a story of a man who didn’t speak to his father all during his teen years and beyond.  What he did at his father’s grave will impact you in a mighty way!

Favorite Christmas Stories (2016), Part 3

Thursday (12/22) – This is the only Christmas story I know involving the game of chess.  And yet it has a much needed message for Christmas of 2016.  We live in a culture today that “sees no Jesus, hears no Jesus, and speaks no Jesus. “  You’ve seen that at Christmas in our community, in our media, and even in families.  Unfortunately, we need the “King” at Christmas as well as the rest of the year.

Favorite Christmas Stories (2016), Part 4

Friday (12/23) – We close the week with a story about the father of Dallas preacher, T.D. Jakes.  It describes the direction this country is going this Christmas of 2016.  It just might describe the direction your marriage, your family, or even your circle of friends is going this Christmas.  It’s not just the “wrong” direction; it’s the opposite direction we should be going. Listen to this great story.

Favorite Christmas Stories (2016), Part 5


Aired – 4/18/2016

Remembrance and Rebellion

Isaiah 63:7-10

This Week – Most individual churches don’t “last” 175 years, yet the one I currently serve has.  This week’s message is what was shared with the church on their 175th Anniversary.  The admonitions that the prophet Isaiah gave to his people generations ago has an amazing application to a congregation today.  See if you don’t agree!

Remembrance and Rebellion, Podcast

Monday – Remembering is important in a marriage, a family, and in a church!  What has the Lord done for you personally and done for your family?  Rehearsing what the Lord has done is not just a spiritual exercise; it’s an act of obedience!  We are commanded to remember what the Lord has done and tell the Lord of our gratitude and praise. Watch what happens when you do that!

Remembrance and Rebellion, Part 1

Tuesday – We discuss a delicate story of how the Lord “spares” us in situations in life, even if we are not aware of it at the time.  In eternity, I believe we will find out the many ways that has happened.  We talk also about what makes a husband a husband; we discuss what makes a wife a wife.  It may surprise you to find that out!  It relates to what Isaiah talks about, being “true to the Lord”.

Remembrance and Rebellion, Part 2

Wednesday – We talk about Isaiah’s words about the “angel of God’s presence”.   We tell a great story from history, featured on PBS that speaks of God’s presence in a dramatic way with three men stranded in Antarctica.  Maybe it will speak to you today as you listen.  The word angel means “messenger”; God may use you or me as messenger of His presence!

Remembrance and Rebellion, Part 3

Thursday – We share the story of Shannon from Pennsylvania where the Lord used her younger sister to minister to parents who lost their 24-year-old son in Afghanistan.  Her sister became the “angel of God’s presence” in their lives by what she did.  We also talk about God’s people rebelling against the Lord through idolatry.  Idolatry was and is the greatest act of rebellion against the Lord!

Remembrance and Rebellion, Part 4

Friday – The reason a church has lasted for 175 years is not luck, location, or finances.  It’s by the grace of God!  Just like the reason you’re reading these words right now; it’s by the grace of God!  Isaiah tells of God “carrying” His people.  God carries us all.  He carries individuals, marriages, families, and churches!

Remembrance and Rebellion, Part 5


Aired – 4/11/2016

Boldness in Prayer

Acts 4: 1-20

This Week – To pray “boldly” doesn’t mean to pray arrogantly or presumptuously; it means to pray with confidence!  Not self-confidence, it means Christ confidence.   It is confidence that as believers we are heard and listened to.  That’s no small thing in life!  That’s what we talk about all this week in a stand-alone message on CrossHope.

Boldness in Prayer, Podcast

Monday – We begin with a humorous story of a hospital chaplain who was uncomfortable with praying for people at the hospital where he worked!  One reason was that hospital patients were often uncomfortable with him praying for them.  They actually didn’t want anyone praying for them. We use his story as a starting point for a stand-alone message on boldness in prayer from Acts 4.

Boldness in Prayer, Part 1

Tuesday – We read the text of two apostles, Peter and John healing a man of lameness.  (Blindness and lameness were the two most common ailments of the day.)  The Jewish leaders had them arrested and interrogated.  They were asked by what power or name that they did this act of healing.  They were actually threatened because of someone healed of an ailment a man had for decades!

Boldness in Prayer, Part 2

Wednesday – Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones of London gave up his medical practice to enter the ministry!  He believed we had the ability as believers to plead God’s own word back to Him.  We can say, “God, your word says that the Lord is my Shepherd.”  We can then call upon the Lord as OUR Shepherd who cares for the flock and cares for you and me in particular.

Boldness in Prayer, Part 3

Thursday – We talk about how that when the believers were praying in this chapter, the place where they were started “shaking”.  We don’t know if they experienced a tremor or minor earthquake.  Whatever it was, the place was shaking.  Prayer shakes up things in a marriage, a family, or a church!  When has your life been “shaken up” by prayer?

Boldness in Prayer, Part 4

Friday – We close with a powerful story of someone who was actually in the service when this message was given.  It was with his permission that we told it.  In 1993, he was piloting one the military helicopters involved in the incident in Mogadishu, Somalia portrayed in the movie, “Blackhawk Down”.  (Eighteen U.S. Marines were killed that day.)  We shared part of that story as an illustration of prayer that you need to hear!

Boldness in Prayer, Part 5


Aired 1/04/2016


Exodus 19:3-5 and Hebrews 9:15, 27-28

This Week – When you love someone, you are usually interested in what interests them.  What matters to them, even if didn’t matter to you in the past, now matters to you.  When you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, you find yourself interested in what matters to Him.  God has always been a “covenant” God.  He was in covenant with the Israelites in the Old Testament times.  He claims to be in covenant with us in the body of Christ today because of the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross for our sins.

Covenant, Podcast

Monday – Many Christians aren’t familiar with an important Biblical word.  It’s the word “covenant”.  A covenant is a contract or agreement between two or more parties.  God has always been a covenant God.  He established a covenant with the nation Israel in the book of Exodus.  In the New Testament (testament means covenant), Jesus is called the mediator or broker of the new covenant with the body of Christ, the church.

Covenant, Part 1

Tuesday – In Exodus 19, God reminds the Israelites of the covenant that He has with them.  He reminds them to obey Him completely, not partially.  If they do, they will be God’s “treasured possession”.  Everything about God’s relationship with His people is centered in the covenant.  Today our relationship with God was initiated by the “mediator of a new Covenant”: Jesus Christ.  The ultimate token of covenant is the Cross!

Covenant, Part 2

Wednesday – Breaking covenant is no small thing.  Today we talk about people who break covenant with the God who loves them, and the Christ who died for them.   We use the illustration of people retreating from a camp fire as an example of “breaking covenant” with the Lord.  They initially reflect the light of the campfire in their faces.  But as they move away from the firelight, the light dims in their faces; they eventually sink back into the darkness.

Covenant, Part 3

Thursday – We tell the true story of an attorney from Virginia who relates how his relationship with his children was “broken” for a time due to a marital separation.  What he says about his relationship with his children will touch your heart.  It speaks powerfully about the covenant relationship that every parent has with his or her children.  So much of our lives is about covenant!   Most of all, it’s about our covenant with the Lord God Almighty!

Covenant, Part 4

Friday – The covenant relationship we have with God is not for just a lifetime; it is eternal!  You and I don’t have any other relationship that can be described in that way.  We close with a story about a couple from Pittsburgh who were at the early service the morning this message was given.  They had just lost a 39 year old daughter and wondered about their “covenant relationship” with their daughter now.  Their question and subsequent answer may speak to you and your relationships.

Covenant, Part 5


End of Year – Aired 12/28/2015

It’s Up to You!

Deuteronomy 30:11-20

This Week – Dr. Henry Blackaby believes that the end of the year serves a two-fold purpose in our lives.  First, it has a “corrective component” in our lives.  Is it possible the Lord God Almighty would like to correct something in your life or mine at this time of the year?  Why not?  Then he believed that there was a “preparatory component” to the end of the year.  Is it possible the Lord wants to prepare you for something that is coming up in your life or mine in 2016?  Why not?

It’s Up to You! (End of Year) Podcast

Monday – We introduce a text I have never preached from in my life, never!  Moses is giving a message to the people of Israel as they are about to finally enter into the Promised Land.  He tells them that what he’s going to tell them is not difficult to do what God wants them to do.  It is a message about being faithful and obedient to what the Lord commands them to do. He literally tells them to choose life over choosing death!  That’s the choice that we make in our lives today.

It’s Up to You! (End of Year) Part 1

Tuesday – Most people don’t celebrate a new year, they just observe another “old one”.  If you are honest, that has been true at some point in your life.  The first thing to having a new year in your life according to Moses is to “love the Lord your God.” When you love the Lord, it impacts what you do, what you say, and what you think.  It really does!

It’s Up to You! (End of Year) Part 2

Wednesday – When Moses tells people to love God and walk in His ways; it means to align your will with His.  What matters to Him, suddenly matters to you.  What’s important to Him is now important to you.  Tell me what really matters to you, and I’ll tell you what your God is!  The message is clear; it is also critical to your life and mine.

It’s Up to You! (End of Year) Part 3

Thursday – We share a powerful story about something I dislike a great deal: golf!  It’s a true story about putting yourself under the influence of the One who wants to guide your life, your family, and your career.   Whether you golf or not, you will be blessed by this story by Ron Mehl from Oregon.It’s a great illustration for 2016.

It’s Up to You! (End of Year) Part 4

Friday – We close talking about the consequences of forgiven sin in our lives.  Have you ever thought about the fact that though God does forgive, we still have to live with the consequences of what we set in motion?  I wish it weren’t true, but it is.  God calls us to make a decision to love the Lord, obey His commands, to “walk” in His ways, and to not to follow idols of our culture in 2016.  What’s your decision?  It’s up to you!

It’s Up to You! (End of Year) Part 5


Christmas – Aired 12/21/2015

Here’s Your Sign

Luke 2:1-14

This Week – Signs are a part of our everyday lives.  We observe signs in travel, on businesses, and even in traffic.  We mention that signs of disease are different from symptoms.  Did you know that? A symptom is subjective; a sign is objective.  We talk about that this week.  Luke says that there would be a sign for the shepherds at the birth of Christ.  It may not be what you have always thought.

Here’s Your Sign (Christmas) Podcast

Monday – We begin with a true story of country singer, Travis Tritt.  His story of singing the carol, “Silent Night” whenever a fight would break out at a bar where he was performing will bring a smile to your face; it will also touch your heart.  A Christmas Carol is a “sign” of the Savior.  It really is!

Here’s Your Sign (Christmas) Part 1

Tuesday – We read the famous text from Luke 2, telling of the birth of Christ.  Luke talks about “the sign” of the Messiah.  The sign was not that a baby was born in Bethlehem; the sign was that the baby would be lying in a manger.  A manger is simply a feeding trough!  Think about it.  God became flesh and was lying in feeding trough!

Here’s Your Sign (Christmas) Part 2

Wednesday – Christmas is not just about “good news”, it’s about the forgiveness of sins.  It’s not just about good cheer and positive feelings of the Christmas season.  It’s about our need of deliverance not only from guilt, but from the fear of death.  Hebrews says that Jesus came to deliver people from their “fear of death” which holds people in bondage, all their lives!

Here’s Your Sign (Christmas) Part 3

Thursday – On Christmas Eve, we tell the story of a minister from Atlanta who was embarrassed that his 7-year-old son could play chess; but he could not.  Taught by a ranked Chess Player how to play the game, he shares the most important lesson he learned from the pro.  It’s a great lesson for your life and mine at Christmas!  It really is!

Here’s Your Sign (Christmas) Part 4

Friday – T.D. Jakes tells of how his father refused to ask for directions when traveling, but he refused to even look at a map.  The result was not only were they lost many times; often they were going in the opposite direction.   It’s a great parable for our nation in 2015!  We’re not only lost without the Christ of Christmas; we are going in the opposite direction!

Here’s Your Sign (Christmas) Part 5


Easter, 2015 – Aired 12/14/2015

Risky Business

Acts 23:6-11

This Week – Have you ever thought of believing in the resurrection as being risky?  It is today and it was in the day of the Apostle Paul.  Paul describes being “on trial because of his hope in the resurrection”.  Not everyone today in 2015 believes in life after death or in the resurrection of Christ.  And yet that is where the hope is.  Hopelessness is believing in nothing; hope is believing in the One who is hope, Jesus Christ.

Risky Business (The Resurrection) Podcast

Monday – Dr. Erwin Lutzer of the famous Moody Church in Chicago, tells of being asked to conduct the funeral of a multi-millionaire.  The son asked that the funeral be very brief, as they were only having it to please a relative who carried some clout in the family.  He said, “Nothing you say will be too short.”  Lutzer insisted on at least sharing something about death, resurrection, and Christ.  In that case, hope wasn’t welcome!

Risky Business (The Resurrection) Part 1

Tuesday – If you were on trial for your belief in the hope of the resurrection, would there be enough evidence to convict you?  That’s a thought provoking question.  We share the powerful word of a woman writing from a women’s reformatory in Ohio about her past and present.  It is one of the most beautifully written statements about a person’s belief in Christ that I have ever read!

Risky Business (The Resurrection) Part 2

Wednesday – The book of Acts says that while Paul was in prison, the Lord “stood near him” and told him to “take courage”.  What an encounter!  Is it possible that the Lord wants us to take courage in a discouraging time in history and to realize that the Lord may be nearer than we think?  I want you to hear the story of a psychotic patient in a mental hospital and her words of encouragement to the doctor who treated her.  It’s a story that will impact your life!

Risky Business (The Resurrection) Part 3

Thursday – Rarely do I tell stories from the Viet Nam war era.  A Presbyterian minister friend of mine from California relates a poem written by a woman who lost her boyfriend in the war.  It is one of the hardest hitting pieces of writing I’ve ever seen.  It illustrates our refusing to come to terms with who Jesus is as the Resurrection and the Life.  One person told me that just thinking about this poem brought them to tears.

Risky Business (The Resurrection) Part 4

Friday – I close with a story of my 81-year-old aunt who works out at a gym five days a week!  You may be surprised at the reason that motivates her.  It’s not what you think.  What motivates us in our world today should include a belief in the hope of the resurrection.  We are either motivated by hope or hopelessness.  Which motivates you?

Risky Business (The Resurrection) Part 5


Palm Sunday, 2015 – Aired 12/07/2015

Defined By What?

I Corinthians 1:18-25

This Week – Most of the time on CrossHope, we share messages that are a part of a series from a book of the Bible.  That’s what I have done in terms of preaching style for 3 decades on the radio.  From time to time, we do share “stand-alone” messages.  That’s what we do this first week after the last series in First Timothy. We begin with a message given on Palm Sunday, 2015.  It’s a message about the cross, the pivotal point of history.  Not only that, it’s the thing that defines your life and mine.

Defined by What? (Palm Sunday) Podcast

Monday – We begin with the story of Jason from southern California who said he didn’t want his life defined by the tragic events in his life.  There was sickness, death, and family tragedy in his life; he wanted his life defined by three simple words: “life goes on”.  I agree, but I believe every believer in Jesus Christ has his or her life defined by something else:  the cross! We look at the passage from Paul’s letter to Corinth where he talks about the cross being the Center-Point of our lives.

Defined by What? (Palm Sunday) Part 1

Tuesday – Verse 18 says that the message of the cross is “foolishness” to those who are dying spiritually.  But to those who are being “saved”, it is the power (Greek word that is foundation of the English word dynamite) of God!  Maybe there was a time in your life that anything connected to Christ or the cross was a joke!  Now, it’s the pivotal point of your life what happened 2,000 years ago in the death and resurrection of Christ.

Defined by What? (Palm Sunday) Part 2

Wednesday – Any power that is in preaching is connected to the power of the cross!  It’s not in our wisdom or brilliance, it’s not in rhetoric or speaking ability, it’s in the simple message that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead.  We discuss the placing of the unexplainable things of our lives at the foot of the cross.  We tell a story that illuminates that idea.

Defined by What? (Palm Sunday) Part 3

Thursday – We share the story of a woman named Diane from Frankfurt, Indiana who talks about her struggle with cancer and the support organization she belonged to.  A newspaper reporter writing about her group describes their lives as being “lived in the shadow of death”.  Diane says she prefers being described as someone who “lives in the shadow of the cross”.  I prefer that as well.  Hopefully, so do you!

Defined by What? (Palm Sunday) Part 4

Friday – We close this message with one of the most unusual stories I’ve ever heard or told!  It’s about a professional photographer who takes pictures of people who are complete strangers to the people that are being photographed with them.  What happens when people view these pictures will surprise you.  Is your life defined by the cross?  That’s the message today and all this week!

Defined by What? (Palm Sunday) Part 5


Christmas, 2013 – Aired 12/23/2013

Christmas Stories for the Heart

The greatest story ever told begins with the remarkable coming of the Messiah into the world.  Paul would say, “In the fullness of time, Christ was born of a woman….”  We don’t use terminology like that, we might say “just at the right time”, Christ was born.  All this week, we share stories that help to illustrate His story of coming to this world to redeem people from their sin.  Let them help illuminate your Christmas experience in 2013.


Monday – Part One – Lillian Smith grew up in rural Georgia during the depression.  Her story of her father bringing 48 state prisoners home for a Christmas dinner will not only bring a smile to your face, but a tear to your eye when you hear it.


Tuesday – Part Two – Jean Gietzen’s story of a North Dakota Christmas in 1943 caught me off guard when I read it.  I honestly thought it was going to be another “corny Christmas story” that so many people write about.  It is anything but, and will grab your heart as it did mine!


Wednesday – Part Three – What do you know about the writing of the most famous Christmas carol of all time?  The third verse of “Silent Night” is the most profound statement in the hymn.  We talk about it, and yes, we’ll sing the third verse together!


Thursday – Part Four – Christmas isn’t always about forgiveness, but maybe it is.  A friend of mine didn’t speak to his father all during his teen years, right up to his dad’s death.  Twenty years later, he talked to his father’s headstone at the cemetery.  You really do want to hear this story.


Friday – Part Five – We close out the week with an end of the year thought prompted by Dr. Henry Blackaby.  He believes that the end of year serves a two-fold spiritual purpose in our lives.  You and I need this message before 2013 ends and 2014 begins!



Father’s Day, 2013 – Aired 12/2/2013

Father’s Day Warning

The book of Proverbs has some of the most frightening statements in the entire Bible.  The verses that we study this week are graphic in their description of what happens to those who disrespect their father and mother.  One person said he sure hoped these verses were figurative.  We can only hope!


Monday – Part One – Proverbs 30 says the “the eye that mocks his father will be pecked out by the ravens of the valley and eaten by the vultures.”  The Bible says that? Yes, and it indicates how serious the Lord takes our disregard and disdaining of a parent.  He takes it very seriously in your life and in mine!


Tuesday – Part Two – The Proverb writer says that fathers are conveyers of truth and wisdom to their children.  Likewise, children are to heed those lessons and listen with the intent of obeying the truth.  The “truth” in the New Testament sense is Jesus Christ.  Why?  He is the way, the truth, and the life!


Wednesday – Part Three – Proverbs says, “Get wisdom, discipline, and understanding”.  Part of being a godly father in 2013 is conveying those things to our sons and daughters.  We can’t convey or pass on to our children what we don’t possess!


Thursday – Part Four – We share a story today of a woman who nearly drowned in a pool when she was three, when the bottom fell away from under her.  Her dad rescued her at the last second.  We live in a culture where the bottom is falling away the young people of the day, and have no father to rescue them!


Friday – Part Five – The reason this passage is so serious is that in Old Testament times, to curse your father or mother was considered a capital offense!  The Lord did not take kindly to those who showed contempt for a parent.  He hasn’t changed!  The way we treat our parents just may reflect our attitude toward our heavenly Father.


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