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  1. Mark Crary

    Hello, my name is Mark Crary, I co-pastor a small church in Somerville, Ohio. On Friday, Aug 26, 2016 you had a sermon I heard on WFCJ. You told a story about the astronauts writing a FINAL LETTER to their loved ones and how we are writing letters too. would love to hear that again or get a copy of it. Can you tell me how or where I can go/do that ?
    Thank you . . . love hearing you on the Radio.
    Till HE Comes
    Mark Crary

    • crosshope2

      Hi Mark,
      Thank you for being a CrossHope listener.
      We are still a small ministry and don’t yet provide physical media. But, you can download any of our programs directly from our website.
      Following are instructions to fulfill your request:
      1. Navigate to the ‘Current Series’ page from our home page
      2. Scroll down to the ‘Friday’ message in ‘Week 18’ of the ‘Simple Gospel’ series.
      3. Right click on the down arrow just to the right of the audio player in the Friday message
      4. This should bring up a screen that will allow you to save the message to your computer.
      5. The file is a mp3 file and should play on any of your devices.
      Thanks again being being a great listener!
      Warm Regards,
      CrossHope WebMaster

  2. Kristin Picklesimer

    I was trying to find the message from today’s broadcast(6/2/16) with Mitali Perkins. Can you let me know how I can get that message? Thank you!

    • crosshope2

      Hi Kristin, If you will navigate to the ‘Current Series’ tab on and scroll down to the ‘Thursday’ broadcast in the the ‘A Demon In Church’ messages you will find an audio play bar. Press the play button and you can listen to the broadcast you have requested. If you wish to download that program to your computer, click on the down arrow in that same play bar. Then click ‘copy link’ and the ‘save as’ screen will come up for you to save the audio file to you computer.
      Thanks for being a CrossHope listener.
      Warm Regards,
      CrossHope Ministries

  3. Ralph momberger

    I really enjoy your show, but many times i go back to try and write down ilustrations or quoites used to only find out that your websight is very hard to navigate. is there an easy way to find qoutes and past sermons on the site
    hoping for a response

    • crosshope2

      Hi Ralph,
      We so appreciate you being an avid listener to CrossHope. Listeners like you are the main reason we produce the broadcast.
      We do apologize for your difficulties with our website. We hear from others that are having the same difficulties. We originally built the website as a means for listeners to our radio broadcasts to stream messages that they either missed or simply wanted to listen to again. It’s been four years now and the complexity of the site has mushroomed significantly, as have the ways our listeners use the website.
      The good news is that we have mounted a project to redesign the site to accommodate listeners more in keeping with the usage you have expressed. We are still a small ministry and unfortunately, it will take some time to accomplish the redesign. Please bear with us while this is underway. You’ll see when we publish the redesigned site.
      Thanks again for listening.
      Warm Regards,
      Stuart Cook, COO
      CrossHope Ministries, Inc.

  4. Michele Cooksey

    How can I purchase the series on Anger?

  5. John Hall

    There was a sermon in which a story was told about a young man that left his bloody cloths an boots at the alter of a church. The young man also left a letter along with the clothing. Can you please direct me to that sermon series.


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