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Message 6, Airing Week of 12/3/2018

Turning Your Darkness into Light

Psalm 18:1-3, 24-29

CrossHope Logo_Icon_051115This Week – It’s called “seasonal affective disorder”.  It impacts millions of Americans, primarily women. People go into a type of depression because of the lack of light in winter months.  Most people prefer light to darkness.  David tells us in Psalm 18 seven words:  “My God turns my darkness into light.”   How does He do that?  We talk about that all this week on CrossHope.

Turning Your Darkness into Light, Podcast

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Monday (12/3) – David begins this Psalm with praise for God the Father for physically delivering him from his enemies.  His words of praise:  “I love you, Lord!”  The highest praise spiritually is telling the Lord that you love Him.  Isn’t that true in a marriage?  Isn’t that true in a family with children?  Indeed it is.  We illustrate this point humorously and in a very serious way.

Turning Your Darkness into Light, Part 1

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Tuesday (12/4) – We tell the story of a 16 year old high school student at church camp telling about getting a new car from her father for her birthday.  And yet she could never recall her dad saying three words:  “I Love you”.  Perhaps you can relate to that story.  We continue by talking about what it means that God is our shield, rock, and deliverer”.  What those terms mean speaks to what He does and can do in your life!

Turning Your Darkness into Light, Part 2

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Wednesday (12/5) – If you have a problem with praising God, you probably don’t understand what God has done in your life!  We explain that thought today.  There is nothing that you and I do that “gets by” the Lord.  He’s never fooled or surprised.  We talk about why we need to know that fact!  We can actually become an opponent of the Lord through our pride.

Turning Your Darkness into Light, Part 3

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Thursday (12/6) – Pride is the most offensive thing to the Lord God Almighty!  Does that give you pause?  It should.  We then move to the verse that says that God turns our darkness into light. God brings light into dark situations all the time!  He does that at a funeral, He does that at a hospital.  When we share His word of truth; light begins to permeate the darkness.  He wants to bring light into your darkness today!

Turning Your Darkness into Light, Part 4

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Friday (12/7) – We also bring light into people’s lives or we just create more darkness!  Which describes you?  We conclude with one powerful story of the power of “light in the darkness” told by an author by the name of John Sutherland Bonnell.  It will speak to you in a personal way about his father turning his darkness into light, just by his voice!  Have you brought light into anyone’s life this year?

Turning Your Darkness into Light, Part 5


Message 5, Airing Week of 11/26/2018

Integrity: Walking the Talk

Psalm 15:1-5

This Week – Does the Bible define integrity?  Yes, by describing it in Psalm 15.  David begins the Psalm by asking two rhetorical questions.  1) “Who may dwell in the sanctuary of the Lord?”  2) “Who may live on the Holy Hill of God?”  Both of those questions have to do with being in the presence of the Lord. Who qualifies for that kind of contact?  David tells us in just 4 verses!

Integrity: Walking the Talk, Podcast

Monday (11/26) – Through King David, the Lord tells us first that a person whose “walk” is blameless may come into His presence.  Integrity in the Old Testament is often described by the word, walk.  Your “walk” has to do with personal integrity.  It’s described as a person “walks the talk” and “talks the walk”.  Their word is their bond.  They either speak the truth or they don’t!

Integrity: Walking the Talk, Part 1

Tuesday (11/27) – A man or woman of integrity is someone who “speaks the truth from his or her heart”.  (We quote a psychologist of our day who talks about two kinds of liars.)  A person of integrity also has no slander on his or her tongue.  Slander has a definition that you may never have heard before.  Slander is “speech that injures”.  Have you injured anyone today?

Integrity: Walking the Talk, Part 2

Wednesday (11/28) – Verse 3 says that a man or woman of integrity does his neighbor no wrong and casts no slur on his fellowman.  Everyone has neighbors in some venue or another.  How do you treat the people that fit that definition in your life?  A slur can be a silent rolling of the eyes or a raised eyebrow.  Sometimes silence can be a form of lying.  Verse 4 says a person of integrity keeps a promise even when it hurts!  Do you know anyone who does that today in 2018?

Integrity: Walking the Talk, Part 3

Thursday (11/29) – The next two qualities are not only rare, they maybe something you have never heard of!  It is someone who lends money without “usury”, and someone who does not accept bribe against the innocent. Usury (in Biblical times) was charging interest to someone who was borrowing money just to feed his family!  Accepting a bribe would refer to what we are willing to do for money.  What is the price of our integrity?

Integrity: Walking the Talk, Part 4

Friday (11/30) – We close with a story of a man who committed fraud involving “billions” of dollars, not millions!  We quote an author who said that the guilty party hired a lawyer; he said we need a Savior.  A man or woman of integrity in 2018 is a person who has a relationship with the One who can give us His integrity and spirit.  His name is Jesus!  We can’t pass on integrity that we don’t possess!

Integrity: Walking the Talk, Part 5


Message 4, Airing Week of 11/19/2018

Gratitude and Memory

Psalm 106:1-13

This Week – There’s a connection between gratitude and memory.  If you forget what someone has done for you, you’re not real grateful to that person.   That’s true in a marriage, a family, and in your relationship with the Living God!  But the word “forget” means more than just “ceasing to remember”.  It actually has a frightening definition that we discuss this week.  It’s a fitting passage for Thanksgiving week.

Gratitude and Memory, Podcast

Monday (11/19) – Psalm 106 says that the people of Israel had forgotten what the Lord had done for them!  He delivered them out of slavery, performed one miracle after another, and yet the Psalm writer said they did not remember the many kindnesses and went on to rebel against the Lord!  If you’re honest, you can relate to that forgetfulness.  So can I!

Gratitude and Memory, Part 1

Tuesday (11/20) – Part of gratitude involves “listening to the Lord”.  Listening reminds us to remember and call to mind what the Lord has done.  If you have ever taken communion or the Lord’s Supper, the Lord was speaking to you about the cross!  Were you listening?  If you’ve ever heard a message shared from the Word of God, He was speaking to you!  Again, were you listening?  We tell a humorous story about listening that you will remember!

Gratitude and Memory, Part 2

Wednesday (11/21) – Today we give the definition of forgetting that some have never heard!  Talk to any marriage counselor or psychologist about his or her counseling, and they will tell you that this is one of most serious problems in a marriage.  Listen today to hear this definition of forgetting!  You may need to hear it for your marriage alone.  Your spouse may need to hear it as well.

Gratitude and Memory, Part 3

Thursday (11/22) – We tell a story written by Ben Patterson about two people in his life: an uncle who lived for money and not much else, and his wife’s grandmother who lived for the love of God and family.  Ben describes life “whittling their lives down to their essence.”  What is left of us is really what we were all along! This is a great thought perhaps for your Thanksgiving dinner today!

Gratitude and Memory, Part 4

Friday (11/23) – Have you ever known someone who has searched for his biological parents?  This story that we close with has a “surprise ending”.  This man discovered after nine years of searching that he grew up just three blocks from his biological parents!  What does that have to do with gratitude?  More than you may realize.  Gratitude is connected to memory! Your level of gratitude to the Lord is directly related to your memory of what He has done in your life.

Gratitude and Memory, Part 5


Message 3, Airing Week of 11/12/2018

Put Out Your Sign and Stand by It!

Psalm 14:1-7

This Week – What we believe in life seeps out in conversation, in behavior, and even in people’s perceptions of us.  If people are around us enough, they will even pick up some of what we believe spiritually!  You’ve picked up impressions of other people just by talking to them.  David says in Psalm 14 that God actually is looking for men and women who truly seek the Lord.

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Podcast

Monday (11/12) – We begin with a humorous story of a man selling fish that put a sign in front of his business.  His friends told him how to edit his sign to improve it.  By the time they all had given him input, his sign was empty!  We all have a sign out about our lives.  We need to put it out and stand by it!  That’s especially true spiritually in what you believe about the Lord God almighty!

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 1

Tuesday (11/13) – We actually are looking at one of the top ten verses in all of the Old Testament.  Verse 1 of chapter 14 says that “the fool as said in his heart that there is no God!”  There are two kinds of atheists in life.  There is the “intellectual atheist” and there is the “practical atheist”.  We all know both types!  You may have been there personally.  That’s what we talk about today.

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 2

Wednesday (11/14) – The “practical atheist” is a man or woman who has the appearance of a believer, yet in real life lives as if there is no God.  We share about a man who said he became an atheist in the same way that a child raised in a Christian home becomes a Christian.  It’s very insightful!  His parents raised him in an environment that mocked the Lord and His word.  It was very natural for him to follow suit!

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 3

Thursday (11/15) – Today I share one of most touching stories you may have ever heard about a World War 2 veteran.  It’s not only a true story; I knew the man and conducted his funeral.  It’s a powerful lesson about God’s hand being on you and me when we trust in Him.  It just may speak to you about the God you believe in and His son Jesus Christ. It’s a fitting story to talk about in regards to Psalm 14.

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 4

Friday (11/16) – We quote astronomer Carl Sagan and a man by the name of Lincoln who share some of their personal beliefs about the Lord.  Although opposite views on the existence of God, both teach us some lessons.  Tell me what you “seek after” in life and I’ll tell you what you worship!  We worship and adore that which we seek after in the lifespan God given us.  What is it that you instinctively seek after in life?

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 5


Message 2, Airing Week of 11/5/2018

Overhearing David’s Prayer

Psalm 14:1-7

This Week – Sometimes we hear more clearly when we “overhear” someone talking who is not speaking to us.  It happens all the time.   If you have children, they probably overhear more that they hear!  We talk about overhearing the prayer of David who was praying his evening prayer, right before retiring for the night.  What he prayed just may speak to you in terms of what’s going on in your life right now!

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Podcast

Monday (11/5) – David begins his evening prayer by pleading (not demanding) for the Lord to answer his prayer.  Can you remember pleading for the Lord to answer a request or a need?  You probably can.  He asks the Lord to relieve his distress.  We all have distress.  It happens in marriage, in raising children, in making a living, and just existing as a human being!  Life is distressful in 2018!

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 1

Tuesday (11/6) – God responds to our prayer out of His mercy toward us, not because of our track record.  I’m grateful for that! We appeal always to the mercy of God; it’s our only basis of appeal.  In verse 2, David says that people “love their delusions” and they seek false gods.  That describes people in your life; it may describe us to a certain extent.  We tell a story that is both humorous and pathetic at the same time to illustrate it.

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 2

Wednesday (11/7) – The great delusion of our day is that “man is god”, man is the highest being in the universe.  Some of the false gods in our culture includes money, education, and success.  What are the false gods in our lives?  Verse 4 speaks about anger in your life and mine.  We share some thoughts on anger that people said they never heard before.  Maybe that will be your response!

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 3

Thursday (11/8) – We use an illustration of families, churches, and businesses that are controlled by “mafia- style leadership”.   It’s a reference to anger that is used to control, dominate, and manipulate people.  According to an author we quote, that’s when mafia- style leadership comes into play.  This is the most interesting part of this message in my opinion.  Be sure and hear this part of the message!

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 4

Friday (11/9) – We close by defining “distress” and the word “relief”.  The Bible says that people live all their lives in their fear of death.  We tell the true story of two brothers who were tied up with ropes by older boys and left outside in an empty field for hours.  They were literally bound in a way there was no release without help!  That may describe you and me emotionally or spiritually!  God is the God of release and redemption!

Put Out Your Sign, and Stand by It! Part 5


Message 1, Airing Week of 10/29/2018

Who’s Your Shepherd?

Psalm 1:1-6

This Week – When Jesus claimed to be the good shepherd in the Gospel of John, there were people who reacted with anger toward that statement. Why?  Because Psalm 23 says that, “the Lord is my Shepherd”.  When Jesus claimed to be the “Good Shepherd”, it was a claim to deity.   Only God was the Shepherd.  His claim was to be equal with the Father!  Who is your shepherd in life? Someone or something is your shepherd!

Who’s Your Shepherd? Podcast

Monday (10/29) – We introduce this new series from the Old Testament book of Psalms with a golf story.  Max Lucado’s story illustrates how men and women alike think that we have it all figured out in life.  Do we really?  I need a shepherd and so do you.  We both need the shepherd of the universe.  His name is Jesus!  The title of the message and the series:  “Who’s your Shepherd?”

Who’s Your Shepherd? Part 1

Tuesday (10/30) – We begin with the reading of Psalm 1.  Just hearing it read brings a tear to my eye.  You may wonder why.  It’s because a family member with alcoholism memorized this Psalm in the beginning of his journey out of addiction.  He couldn’t’ even remember his address or social security number, yet remembered this Psalm as an assignment from my father.

Who’s Your Shepherd? Part 2

Wednesday (10/31) – Verse one says, “Blessed is the man (or woman) who doesn’t walk in the counsel of the ungodly.”  To walk in the counsel of someone means you take your cues from that person.  They influence how you live life.  It then says, “Blessed is the person who doesn’t stand in the way of sinners.”  To stand with means an act of identification.  Did you ever stand with someone at a wedding as a bridesmaid or groomsman?  You were identifying with that marriage, not just acting as a witness.

Who’s Your Shepherd? Part 3

Thursday (11/1) – To sit with the “mockers”, means hanging out with those people who mock the Lord and His word.  We all work with and know mockers, people who make fun of any belief in the Lord and his word.  Notice the progression of activity:  we walk, stand, and then sit with the very people who reject the living God!  We all can think of that progression in our day to day lives!

Who’s Your Shepherd? Part 4

Friday (11/2) – We end with another piece of writing by Max Lucado.  He believes that we either believe in the God of Psalm 23, or follow something or someone else as our shepherd.  We actually create our own shepherd.  Have you done that in your journey?  Listen to Max’s version of Psalm 23, and then read the real one!  We follow one version or the other!

Who’s Your Shepherd? Part 5


  1. Randy: In listing to your 8:55 broad cast on July 25th you mentioned an author by the name of Robert
    Wise writing on traditional and contemporary worship services. I have gone on amazon and put his name
    in and cannot find the book. Can you help with the title or where to find his book?

  2. Thank you for your series! I listen every morning on XM radio during my morning commute in Everett, WA.


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