Christ Confidence

We live in a culture that is obsessed with having “self-confidence”.  Look around you, and you will see examples of this in many ways in many venues of life.  And yet, the Word of God teaches the concept of “Christ confidence”.  Both in the Old and New Testaments, the admonition is to trust in the Lord and to not lean or rely on our own understanding.  When did you learn that life lesson?


This was a difficult story to tell without choking up.  It’s about a father and son relationship that was greatly impacted by the cancer that enveloped the son.  The son thanks his father for the character he felt was implanted in him by that father.  Would anyone say that about you or me?  What are we implanting in the next generation?  Character is something we not only possess, we model it for others!

Unexpected Faith

I can honestly say this is one of the most moving Visual Stories for me, personally.   Just hearing it has blessed me in inexplicable ways.  I’m not sure I can explain it to you, but I think you will have the same response!  It’s about God entering our lives and existence in ways we were not expecting.  Maybe He will use this opportunity today through this story to touch your life!  Let Him do it!


Sometimes a word takes on a whole new meaning or significance in our lives when something happens.  For instance, the word “cancer” can take on a whole new meaning when a doctor mentions it in regard to our physical condition.  We never read or hear the word the same again after that.  The word covenant takes on an eternal significance when we realize that Christ’s death on the cross is the heart of my “covenant” relationship with the Creator of the Universe!  You will never look at the word covenant the same after coming to a personal relationship with God the Father through God the Son!

Guilt & Grief

Guilt and grief are two powerful forces in your life and mine.  They both take the power of the Living God in our lives to face them.  They really do.  Guilt will keep you up at night.  Grief can keep you from living your life!  Guilt works on our minds; but grief works on our hearts.  We don’t “get over” guilt and grief.  We overcome guilt through the cross of Jesus Christ. We ultimately overcome grief through what happened after the cross.  It’s called the resurrection of Christ from the grave.  We need the power of both in our lives!


Rarely am I moved spiritually or even emotionally by a fictional story.  I prefer to hear a “real” story of real events and real people.  You may be of the same opinion. But I must admit, this story on CrossHope Visual Stories spoke to me in a powerful way. It’s a fictional story about a man who was not “convicted” about his sin or transgression until he found out he was forgiven by the man he had framed for murder.  When he found out that his victim forgave him, then he came under conviction for his sin. What the law couldn’t do, grace and mercy were able to do!  That’s true with you and me!