8 Weeks, 6/10/2013 – 8/2/2013

Series Overview – The word believe or belief just may be the most important word in your vocabulary.   We are the result of what we believe!   What you believe about the people in your life impacts how you treat them and relate to them.  Most of all, what you believe about the Lord impacts what you do with Him and for Him!  This series deals with eight different aspects of believe in our lives.  Jesus would say in John 8:24, “I told you that if do not believe that I am the one I claim to be, you will indeed die in your sins!”


Week 8 – 7/29/2013

Receiving, Believing, & Becoming

This week, the final message in an 8-week series on the word “believe”.  We look at the 1st chapter of the Gospel of John, where John says, “As many as received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to be called the children of God.”  It’s usually a passage that is shared at Christmas, but its truth is eternal, anytime of the year!

Receiving, Believing, & Becoming – Compilation

Monday – Dr. Kenneth Cooper created the term “aerobics”.  He believes we all have extrinsic beliefs and intrinsic beliefs.   Find out the difference.

Receiving, Believing, & Becoming – Program One

Tuesday – Everything you want to know about God the Father, you find in the Son!  How much does God love, forgive, and bless?  Look at Jesus!

Receiving, Believing, & Becoming – Program Two

Wednesday – What does it mean to “receive Christ”?  Today we talk about it.

Receiving, Believing, & Becoming – Program Three 

Thursday – Sometimes people refuse to believe in Christ, not because of intellectual doubt, but because of stubbornness! Find out how.

Receiving, Believing, & Becoming – Program Four

Friday – Every person is writing an epitaph for their life.  What does your epitaph say about your belief or lack of belief in Christ?

Receiving, Believing, & Becoming – Program Five


Week 7 – 7/22/2013

All or Nothing!

All or nothing thinking can be problematic in life.  It can limit what we do and what we think.  In most areas of life, it’s a liability.  There is one area of life where all or nothing thinking is essential: in what we think about Jesus Christ. He is either all that He claims to be or nothing that He claims to be!

All or Nothing! – Compilation

Monday – Our lives are negatively impacted by all or nothing thinking.  But we do need to look at Jesus that way.  Let’s talk about that from John 14.

All or Nothing! – Program One

Tuesday – Jesus told His disciples that He was going to prepare a place for them.  What does that have to do with you and me?  Find out today.

All or Nothing! – Program Two

Wednesday – Today we discuss what is perhaps the most important verse in the New Testament.  Find out what that is and what it has to do with your future!

All or Nothing! – Program Three

Thursday  – Moral truth cannot be conveyed by words alone, but by example.  Today we talk about the “perfect” example for your life and mine.

All or Nothing! – Program Four

Friday – When did it come to you that Jesus really was and is what He claimed to be?  If Jesus is what He claimed to be, He’s the Lord of your life and your death.  In other words, He’s the Lord of everything!

All or Nothing! – Program Five


Week 6 – 7/15/2013

Paradox of Believing

The word “paradox” means something that is contrary to common sense, yet is true. For instance, Jesus said that man who tries to save his life will lose it, but the one who loses his life for Christ’s sake will find it. The ultimate paradoxical statement of Jesus:  “He who believes in me, even though he dies, will live!”

Paradox of Believing – Compilation

Monday – Lazarus was a friend of Jesus who died.  His sisters are mourning their loss, when Jesus makes what some think is the most important saying of His ministry!  Hear that today!

Paradox of Believing – Part One

Tuesday – What’s the first thing you should do when you hear about the death of someone you know and love?  Find out today by listening to CrossHope.

Paradox of Believing – Part Two

Wednesday – When does eternal life actually begin?  Have you ever thought about that?  Today we talk about that question on CrossHope.

Paradox of Believing – Part Three

Thursday – Years ago, 4000 people were asked what they had to look forward to or live for.  Find out their responses on today’s edition of CrossHope. 

Paradox of Believing – Part Four

Friday – Today, a dramatic story of a wealthy young woman who discovered she had a “great big hole in her heart” that could only be filled by a relationship with the living God!

Paradox of Believing – Part Five



Week 5 – 7/8/2013

Incredible Results of Believing 

Believing anything produces a result.  What you believe about a person, for instance, will impact how you relate to that person.  John 7 talks about what happens when a person believes in Jesus.  Jesus says that when we believe in Him, streams of living water flow out of us. What does that mean?

Incredible Results of Believing – Compilation

Monday – Forty-one times in the Gospel of John, Jesus repeated the same phrase.  Find out what that is today and how it applies to you!

Incredible Results of Believing – Part One

Tuesday – People were divided because of Jesus.  Has your family ever been divided over Him?

Incredible Results of Believing – Part Two

Wednesday – Believing in Jesus means that not only something happens to you, but something happens “out of you” into the lives of others.

Incredible Results of Believing – Part Three

Thursday – Today a powerful story of a changed life because a person came to believe in Christ!

Incredible Results of Believing – Part Four

Friday – Life is lived forward, but understood backward.  Find out how from today’s CrossHope.

Incredible Results of Believing – Part Five



Week 4 – 7/1/2013

Belief Language

Just as there is “body language”, there is “belief language”.  We reveal what we believe often by our words.  Our words reflect our love, anger, even our bitterness.  Why wouldn’t our words reveal not only what we say we believe, but what we really believe?  Jesus said His words were life itself!

Belief Language – Compilation

Monday – We communicate with people with the way we stand, the way we walk into a room, and the way we converse with people.  We also communicate with people with what we believe.

Belief Language – Part One

Tuesday – Our belief language is influenced by what and whom we follow.  What and whom do you follow?

Belief Language – Part Two

Wednesday – Our belief language is reflected in what we do in life.  What do your choices reveal about what you believe?

Belief Language – Part Three

Thursday – Our belief language will flow out of what really matters to us.  Sometimes we are the only ones who know the real issues that matter to us.

Belief Language – Part Four

Friday – Facing death has a way of revealing our belief language as a story told today will reveal.

Belief Language – Part Five



Week 3 – 6/24/2013

Biology of Belief

What we believe can have physiological effects on our lives.  In Acts 16, we’re told that the Philippian jailer was filled with joy because he came to believe in God through the ministry of Paul and Silas.  He was impacted physically, emotionally, and spiritually because of what he believed. That can happen to you!  What you believe about the Lord has impact on you in more ways than one.

Biology of Belief – Weekly Compilation

Monday – Everything we do in life is impacted by what we believe. What we believe matters!

Biology of Belief – Part One

Tuesday – The Philippian jailer came to believe in the living God, and something happened to him emotionally and physically.

Biology of Belief – Part Two

Wednesday – According to the man’s father, he aged 20 years in one hour, because of what he “believed”.

Biology of Belief – Part Three 

Thursday – What’s the most important question you will ever ask in your life? Find out today.

Biology of Belief – Part Four

Friday – When a person loves another person, it impacts their behavior. Listen to a powerful illustration!

Biology of Belief – Part Five



Week 2 – 6/17/2013

Belief Centered

Author Steven Covey believed that most people were either spouse centered, family centered, work centered, pleasure centered, possession centered,  and more.   He felt that we should be “principal centered”.  We talk about being “belief centered” people. The Apostle John said, “This is His command, to believe in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as He commanded us”.  1John 3:23

Belief Centered – Weekly Compilation

Monday – Steven Covey wrote that we all center our lives on one of eight things.  Find out what they are today!

Belief Centered – Part One

Tuesday – Today we talk about the two most important things in your marriage and the two most important things in your life in general.

Belief Centered – Part Two

Wednesday – Today we talk about God’s two-fold “injunction” for our lives.   An injunction is an order to be followed without argument or debate. Curious what that is?

Belief Centered – Part Three

Thursday – “What would it take to put you into this car?” Remember that sales pitch? What would it take to get you to follow God’s command for your life?

Belief Centered – Part Four

Friday – What’s the worst possible epitaph for your life?  Find out today on CrossHope.

Belief Centered – Part Five



Week 1 – 6/10/2013

Believing What I Believe

Rich Mullins song “Creed” says this, “I believe what I believe makes me what I am.”  This message is the first in an 8-week series entitled “Believe”.  What we believe about Jesus Christ impacts what we believe about everything else. The Apostle Paul in Romans says that “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”  Abraham is the only person in the Bible that is referred to as a “friend of God”.  Why?  He truly took God at His word.

Believing What I Believe – Weekly Compilation

Monday – What we believe makes us what we are as a person, as a spouse, as a parent, and as a co-worker.  Find out why!

Believing What I Believe – Part One

Tuesday – Abraham believed God, and it was credited or imputed to his “account” as righteousness.  He’s the only person in the Bible referred to as “a friend of God”.

Believing What I Believe – Part Two

Wednesday – Listen to a true story about a woman who had to trust totally on God’s promises to sustain her on the mission field.

Believing What I Believe – Part Three

Thursday – Do you trust God physically?  How about emotionally?  How about with your future? “Against all hope, in hope Abraham believed God.”

Believing What I Believe – Part Four

Friday – Today we talk about the most frightening verse in all of the New Testament.  Find out what that is and why!

Believing What I Believe – Part Five

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