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CrossHope Logo_Icon_051115For over 35 years, Randy’s messages have been heard on radio stations in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Atlanta.  For the last 13 years, they have been heard on 50,000 watt, WFCJ-FM 93.7 in the Dayton-Cincinnati area.

Since 2010, they have been heard weekdays on the Family Talk Channel on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio nationwide and in Canada.  (Currently the messages are also heard twice daily in Washington, DC on WAVA-AM.)

Randy is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University where he also served as a trustee of the school for 20 years. He has held senior ministry positions in Ohio, Texas, and Georgia.  He currently is serving as the senior minister of the Heritage Christian Church of Centerville, Ohio.

He and his wife Annie have three grown children and three grandchildren.  Twice a year, Randy and Annie travel to Germany to see their daughter, son-in-law and three children.  The Snyder’s live in Springboro, Ohio.

Please feel free to contact Randy with questions and comments at [email protected]


  1. Hi Randy I love ❤️ listening to you broadcast every week on my way to work and my way home
    Very encouraging. Thanks for your great work
    I also love ? your whispering ?

  2. May I please have your mailing address?
    My congregation wants to send letters to Mr. Snyder.

    • Hi Amber,
      Per your request:
      CrossHope Ministries, Inc
      P. O. Box 921681
      Norcross, Georgia 30010-1681
      Warm Regards,
      CrossHope Ministries

  3. I love your five minute talk on WFCJ each morning. I go to work at 11 AM and get to hear you as I drive to work. I hate it when I am a bit late and miss your broadcast. You say a lot in just a few words.

  4. Thank you for your ministry and message, I am able to listen to your program on SiriusXM at night while driving home from work. Very Convicting and Encouraging.


  5. Hello Randy

  6. Randy thinking of you today on our 8th wedding anniversary. So glad you were part of our special day. Listen to you on the radio regularly. We are glad you are still reaching out to others with your radio ministry. Continued blessings to you and your family. Dan and Doris

  7. This morning’s broadcast gave me a way to teach my grandchildren words about hate. They are 12 and 10 and fight terribly. I will be playing the broadcast for them when I get home from work. No matter what I say or do – I cannot get this to stop. Randy has given me an opening that I think will finally make the difference.

  8. I also with Mr. Carruthers listen to Randy on my way to work. Along with my morning prayers Randy starts my day on a positive note even if things may be bleak that day. God Bless Randy and his ministry.

  9. I love to listen to Randy on my drive to work on sirius radio, I find Randy to give me a great outlook for the day ahead. My prayer is for this broadcast to continue for years and may others come to find this inspiring. God bless


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