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Be sure to tune in to

*CrossHope – Weekdays @ 8:55AM ET

*CrossHope Visual Stories – Sundays @ 11:00AM ET

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Channel 131 – The Family Talk Channel


*CrossHope – Weekdays @ 5:55/10:55AM ET, & 5:55PM ET

WFCJ-93.7 FM in Cincinnati/Dayton OH


*CrossHope – Weekdays @ 11:15 AM & 11:15 PM ET

WAVA-780 AM in Washington, DC

*CrossHope Podcast on iTunes

Just put ‘CrossHope’ in the search line

Also, Tune In To:

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Our Weekly Podcast is on www.crosshoperadio.org


  1. I have recently “discovered” your program on Sirius XM radio,which motivated me to search for your website. Your visual stories and to-the-point sermons have really helped and encouraged my faith. I was entering a rather dry season, with not much spiritual food to be had. Your ministry has given me the gifts of a renewed thirst for the Word and a conviction to trust in our great God who has a “perfecting kind of love, not a pampering kind of love.” Thanks for your pithy clarifications that drive home Scriptural teaching points! I thank God for your ministry.

  2. I just wanted to say I love your program I try to listen to it every night, I drive a tractor trailer for UPS so I have nothing but time as I drive your program is one of the things I look forward to each praise God for you and your program it’s what I need to help me get back to God Thank You


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