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“CrossHope with Randy Snyder” is now in its 6th year of broadcasting on SiriusXM Satellite Radio!  Prior to that, Randy broadcasted on AM/FM radio for nearly 30 years.  Needless to say, we are not exactly new to this type of ministry.  Our long history is a testament to the dedication and support of our listeners.  We are blessed by your support!  Thank you!

To ensure that we can continue to bring you Christ’s message of hope, we need your support!  We don’t simply need your support, every ministry does!  You need to know that what you are supporting is meeting needs in the name of Christ.  You need to know that what you give is used wisely for what is intended.

Your tax-deductible gift to CrossHope Ministries  helps in two ways:  1) to help defray the cost to broadcast and, 2) to assure continuation of this program.  It really is that simple!

Recently, a new listener told us, “the very first time I heard CrossHope, I connected with what was being said. I’ve continued that connection for over a year!”   Think about it. Pray about it.  You can give right now if you so desire.


We accept donations in the following ways:


By Mail:

CrossHope Ministries, Inc.

        P.O. Box 921681

Norcross, Georgia 30010-1681


  1. Hello people at Cross Hope,
    I was looking for phone number to call in donation.
    I am leary of paying through the internet. So I have written your address for a mail donation. If I can figure some way to get your broadcast on more stations I will try because this 5 minute stuff is what lots of people need ( probably all they can pay attention to at once) thanks to all you people that make this a reality!!.., Bless you richly my friends!!..

    • Hi Larry,
      Thanks for the insightful comments and you are most welcome. That, indeed, is our mission in a nut shell!
      We appreciate you being an enthusiastic CrossHope listener!
      Warm Regards,
      CrossHope Webmaster

  2. I want to make a donation to CrossHope. Your website sends me to Paypal. When I try to find CrossHope on Paypal, it is not there. What am I missing?

    • Hi Jeff,
      Thanks so much for alerting us to this issue. Hopefully, we’ve resolved the issue and the donations link should work for you now.
      Please let us know if you have any further issues.
      Thank you for being a CrossHope listener and supporter! We do appreciate you.
      Warm Regards,


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